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ONSITE MASSAGE  Auckland's leading professional, onsite mobile massage provider -  offering a cost-effective solution to your workplace and corporate wellbeing needs.
  As well as doing events and seminars, we can help to lower the effects of accumulated stress or repetitive tensions in the workplace.

  ONSITE MASSAGE provides expert therapeutic and relaxing chair and table massage to help de-stress and motivate your employees, hereby increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.
With over 10 years experience, we specialise in workplace massage! 

Vouchers available 
Your staff or customers will feel relaxed and rejuvenated; and because our qualified practitioners are experienced and mobile, you are provided with an easy to set up and stress-free, beneficial service.
Your massage on an ergonomic massage chair can be received fully clothed - incorporating back, neck, shoulder, arms and hands. Appointments are between 10 and 45 minutes. Discover how you can recover from injuries faster, release pain and aid the body’s recovery. We also offer hour long table massages which can be used to treat some acute and chronic problems, so you can get back to normal more quickly!


WELLBEING requires a balance in tension between the opposing draining and recuperative forces” 
  (www.osh.govt.nz/order/catalogue/4.shtml – stress and fatigue: their impact on health and safety in the workplace)


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* a professional, friendly service which is easy to set up and offers outstanding service

* we come to you so no time is wasted

* you choose duration, time, day of massage

* our qualified and experienced therapists will tailor the massage to your staff's needs - and will target areas affected by your specific work environment to help combat OOS/RSI

* we can help to significantly reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and motivate employees

* a cost-effective solution to your company's wellbeing needs with reliable and experienced therapists

* the benefits of massage include amongst others - easing of tension, increases alertness, enhances clam thinking, boosts energy - thus giving you a more happy, relaxed and focused working environment 

* an effective way to combat work-related stress with a personal wellness program